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Flex Rechargeable Power Controller

This page is here to introduce the other products in the Flex Range, which you can add to your Flex Belt order. Something that is truly unique about the Flex Product Range is that it was carefully designed so that you can use the different pieces together and save a lot of money by doing so -- and here’s why...

Your Flex Belt comes with the Flex Rechargeable Power Controller. This unit is what powers your Flex Belt and controls all the programs….it is essentially the computer that makes this medical grade technology work so efficiently. This same device can be used with the other products in the Flex Range which target different body parts. You simply plug it into the other products just like you would The Flex Belt® and it operates the exact same way.

The Other Flex Products are...

The Flex Mini

The Flex Mini for women tones, lifts and firms the butt and backs of thighs.

The Flex Mini

The Flex Arms

Tones tightens, firms and strenghtens both the biceps on both arms simultaneously. The Flex Arms was designed for both Men and Women.

The Flex Mini

Replacement Gel Pads

The Gel Pads

Additionally – it is important to note that ALL the products use the medical grade Gel Pads which need to be replaced approximately every 30 sessions. The success of your toning session relies on the quality of your Gel Pads, so it is important to always have replacements on hand….you can add these to your order at the time of checkout as well.

We've Made It Affordable To Add Accessories To Your Flex Belt Order

If you were to purchase either The Flex Arms or The Flex Mini with their own Flex Power Controller, they would each cost $199.99. HOWEVER – when you add them onto your Flex Belt order, you don’t need to purchase another Flex Power Controller and therefore you save a lot of money. In fact you will save $70 on each item you add because without their own Power Controller each additional product only costs $129.99 as opposed to $199.99.

Swap your Flex Belt power controller and save

The Flex Arms and The Mini sold on their own = $199.99

When added to your Flex Belt Order each of them will only cost you = $129.99

you save $70On each Accessory

We’ve really spent a lot of time on engineering the Flex Range of products to work synergistically together so that it can be affordable to our valued customers...and for this type of medical grade technology, we’ve done a good job because it is not a lot of money for FDA Cleared products that will absolutely deliver results in toning, firming and strengthening your body.

The Flex Mini
Tones, tightens and lifts your butt and back of the thighs
The Flex Mini
Tones, tightens and firms the biceps and triceps
The Flex Mini
Replacement Gel Pads

Replace every 30 sessions for optimal results

The Flex Mini
Replacement parts for The Flex Belt® and Accessories

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