Salena, 45

I am really happy with my flex belt! I have just finished 60 days and couldn't be more pleased.  I can use it around the house while I work, clean or do so many different things and I am toning my stomach at the same time. 

James G

I am able to do abdominal exercises while at work, sitting at my desk. What a time saver and by far the best abdominal workout I have ever experienced. I look forward to using Flex Belt every day.

Emily's Mom

We are not overweight and we do exercise, but the mid section is the worst to keep in shape, especially after ages 45 and 50. After four weeks we definitely see results. Great product for busy people!

Stewart L

After 2 months, there is definite increase in firmness of abs. Exercise and diet help weight loss and fat loss, but Flex Belt surely built firmness.Recommend to anyone looking to re-contour. Just be patient

Kevin D

I really like this product. I noticed a difference in a few weeks. I am excited to wear my board shorts this summer after using this product. The Flex Belt® is very simple to use. My wife also tried this product and was amazed with the results. I will be purchasing other products from this company.

Brant S

The Flex Belt® is Great!!I am a 23 year old college student and since I've been using the Flex Belt, I've received significant results. I started using the belt sometime in January, and now that Spring Break is right around the corner, I couldn't be more excited. Hello Beaches, and Hello Ladies!.

Andres D

I wanted this device to increase my abs in size and strength. From the first day I noticed that my abs were contracting more than normal crunches, therefore the exercise was clearly effective. Now I'm in the 6th level and I truly feel that I'm working my abs like a pro. Thank you Flex Belt!

Karen M

It seems nothing ever appearing on an infomercial ever works, but The Flex Belt actually does. Everyone needs to try this. At first, the tingling and increased intensity is so different. After using it on a daily basis, you don't want to take it off. Wish it could be used all day long.

Blake J

I have used the product for more than sixty days and have not only felt a difference, but have noticed one also. It feels so good - just the feeling of the Flex Belt. I feel the need to eat healthier also because I am starting to look better because of using the Flex Belt!Thank you!!

Nikhil H

I've used the belt for a month now, and my primary target has always been lower abs. I've seen slow, yet gradual improvement in my core abs. My obliques seem stronger now, and my abs feel harder than before. Excited to see what the results would look like after another month of use!.

Benjamin D

Wow! I have used the Flex Belt for over 2 months now and I can see definition in my abs. I've struggled in the past with the love handles, but The Flex Belt® works the obliques like crazy! I'm using the higher levels now and it feels great. I'm glad I gave The Flex Belt® a shot!

Michael D

As a scientist I spend most of my time evaluating new discoveries and determining if they add value. The Flex Belt® definitely meets my highest standards and adds great value to my constant search for better ways to stay healthy and slim. Thank your for a great product.

Jeanette G

I have been using the Flex Belt for about 5 weeks. I was interested to use it because I wanted a firmer stomach. When I'm using the belt I really feel my muscles working. I will surely continue using it and will recommended it to anyone who wants a firmer stomach.

Chiyvonne H

I bought the Flex Belt because I was having trouble firming up my mid-section and I felt I needed to do something in addition to my regular ab routine. I have been using The Flex Belt® for about 3 months now and there has been a definite tightening of my stomach.

Joseph P

Have been using the belt for about two months now. I must say that when the belt arrived I was very skeptical at first, but the first time I used it I KNEW I had made the right choice. Now I never want to take it off. I am EXTREMELY impressed with the results.

Scott B

I have been using the Flex Belt for 3 months now - visible results are evident (along with a consistent workout routine.) It works great as you can feel the muscles flex while wearing it - I was skeptical at first but after using it I can confirm it does work.

Soraya G

I have used The Flex Belt® for over a month. I bought it because I wanted to see if it worked as well as the ad said, and was surprised to see it does. In the month I have used it, it has really toned my ab muscles. I have NOT regretted buying this product.

Frank G

I have been using the Flex Belt for about 5 weeks. I was skeptical at first when I bought it, but this thing really works. My stomach is getting tighter and I am working out and I put the belt on before I go to sleep. It works great - worth the money...

Darleen T.

I don't always have time to go to the gym so I do some exercises at home. I can save myself from doing crunches on the floor at home, since I love to wear the Flex Belt while I do chores around the house. It keep my tummy firm on those days I don't make it to the gym; IT REALLY WORKS!!

Christina R.

Wow, is all I have to say. This is by far the easiest & most effective way to strengthen your abs. Beats those crunches, which you have to stop what you're doing to do it. With the belt, you can go about your normal routine and get a workout the same time. Highly recommend it!!

Frank F

Flex Belt is great if you can't get to the gym! I work long hours and at times wear it on my lunch break or on my long commute. I get a great ab workout, and the funny thing about this great belt is that my abs burn more then they do if I do crunches. Amazing product!

Kyle W.

I've been using The Flex Belt for about two and a half months and I absolutely love it. I saw commercials for it, researched it, and found out that it really does work. It's fast, easy, and painless, and fits into my busy schedule. I'm so glad to have bought it.

Gustavo M.

This Flex Belt is amazing. I can use it anywhere from the comfort of my home, while I am watching TV, doing the Dishes, etc. I was impressed with the results of using my Flex Belt after 4 weeks. I honestly recommended it to friends and family. Thanks Flex Belt!

Stephanie C.

I love my Flex Belt, and the fact that I can wear it while doing house work is awesome! I have a 2 year old so finding time to workout after getting home from work is almost impossible. I have already seen results after a month and I am ready for summer!!

Julius L

I have used my Flex Belt diligently since it's arrival, and quite frankly, I can't wait each morning to go through another session, because I feel the stomach muscles beginning to respond after each workout. The Flex Belt actually works. Much Thanks!

Salena, 45 7

I am really happy with my flex belt! I have just finished 60 days and couldn't be more pleased. I am a 45 year old mom with 3 children agemach is tighter than it has ever been before. The Flex Belt® is the perfect solution.

Anna B

I am a 46 year old divorcee and have decided to get myself in shape. I started using the Flex Belt, and wow! What a great work-out! I am beginning to see my abs shaping up and I feel really great! I would not trade my Flex Belt for anything!!

Deena M

I have been using the Flex Belt for approximately 3 months and have seen dramatic results in the shape and firmness of my stomach muscles. It is so easy to use and a simple part of my daily routine. I will be 52 soon and this belt has truly helped with that "middle-age spread" that creeps up on us!

Dena M

I have been using the Flex Belt for approximately 3 months and have seen dramatic results in the shape and firmness of my stomach muscles. It is so easy to use and a simple part of my daily routine. I will be 52 soon and this belt has truly helped with that "middle-age spread" that creeps up on us!

Alva B

I bought the Flex Belt because I need it to tone my stomach after having my first baby. I lost the weight but I need the belt to tone up. I have been using the belt for 30 days and I can really feel and see the difference!

Jean J

I am seventy years old and work out at least six hours a week. I still wanted more definition. I have been using the belt for four weeks and I now see more definition. I will continue using it along with my work outs.

Dezreen M.

I have been using the Flex Belt going on two months now, and it's so good that my husband can't take his hands off me. I would recommend it to any one who wants flatter abs. you have nothing to lose but your belly!

I am really happy with my flex belt! I have just finished 60 days and couldn't be more pleased. I am a 45 year old mom with 3 children agemach is tighter than it has ever been before. The Flex Belt® is the perfect solution.

Jeff S

I am so very pleased with my Flex Belt. I have been using it for a month and already can see remarkable results: such a worthwhile investment, thank you so much. With my hectic work schedule it makes it really hard to get to the gym so The Flex Belt® takes care of this problem. Thank you again.

Grace C

My husband purchased this for himself, however, I just gave birth 7 weeks ago and started using it. I already see and feel a difference.I just started working out again and hope to be in great shape soon by using both the belt and regular work-outs.

Nick T

As a guy who included the gym as a part of life, I could never get the abs I wanted. I never did enjoy the traditional ab workouts. Now with the Flex Belt, I look forward every morning to putting it on and watch my abs squeeze in away I've never felt before. You have to try it to believe it!

Julie M

I love The Flex Belt® because I have permanent neck injuries that make doing sit ups and crunches impossible. I have been using The Flex Belt® for one month now and I love it. I can really see good results and would recommend it to anyone with neck pain who can't do regular ab exercises!!

Fabian R

I have been using the Flex Belt for over a month now and my body has taken a different route on me and I absolutely love it. I am a baseball player in college and not only has it helped my body look better, but it has also helped me perform better as well. The Flex Belt® is the way to go.

Chris S

I love this new system. I am an athlete and sometimes find it hard to keep my core strong in between practices and classes. This allows me to accomplish a great workout while my mind is elsewhere. The bonus package gives a great power workout to all of my abs and it truly does work.

Tuyet M

I received my Flex Belt 4 weeks ago. I followed the training program which you recommended in the manual. I use the belt after I run 35 min on the tread mill machine. I enjoy using the Flex Belt, and find it very easy to use and it is really helpful to tone my stomach muscles.

Rebecca H

I have always had a problem with the muffin top and looked to the Flex Belt to help. I have used the product for 5 weeks and have seen improvement. I feel the tightening of the abs. I will continue to use it faithfully as I like the results and enjoy the time I wear it.

Connor J

I have been using the Flex Belt for at least two months and I see a difference. I was interested because I wanted to tone my stomach and get abs. It feels like I am doing crunches while using it. I honestly feel the Flex Belt has worked, and given me a toned stomach!

Louis B

I have used the Flex Belt for 1 month now. On the treadmill it's convenient. I got used to it very fast. I like to work my abs at the same time as my legs and cardio (all in one!) And after 1 month, I'm using the belt 30 min a day. I can see my muscles. It works.

Ron C

I have used the belt for about 6 weeks. I decided to try it because of my large pot belly. It feels like my stomach muscles are getting a vigorous workout. I have noticed my stomach has gotten toned and am looking forward to better results as time goes by.

Diana N

I love this! After reading reviews, I was a bit skeptical. I use the belt while I'm on my spin bike to add additional burn to my exercises. I have recommended this to all my friends, great product. Does exactly what it says, helps flatten and tone your muscles.

Duggan C

I've been using the Flex Belt for a month, and it's just fabulous. I can't really describe it other than my abs look so much better. I'm a black belt, in college, and recently studying has kicked my fitness into the backseat. Not anymore. This is GREAT.

Deandre B

The Flex Belt is great! In one month I toned up my abs and saw results. I gained back some weight so I'm actually starting over again with a slight diet and I know I will get back my abs in no time. Thanks a lot to whom ever invented the Flex Belt!

Peter G

I've been using the Flex Belt for a year now, in combination with visits to the gym. In that year I've lost inches in my waist, and I can see my stomach muscles. Slowly and steadily, the Flex Belt has helped my midsection firm up. I recommend it.

Adam B

I've been using the Flex Belt for over two months and I can see and feel the difference. I do not have to worry about hurting my lower back or my neck doing crunches on the floor. It is very convenient to get in a session with my work schedule.

Elizabeth H

After 30 days I can definitely feel The Flex Belt® working. My abs feel as if they have had a better work out then a session at the gym.I can't wait to see how I look in a few months. The Flex Belt® is so easy to use it really is worth a try.

Luis R

I was doing 2000 crunches a day and didn't see results. So, I saw this ad about the Flex Belt. I read the reviews and wanted to try it, so I did and it's been 38 days and did I see any results? Yes! I'm so glad I opened up that magazine.

Dirk S

I love the Flex Belt. I notice my core strength has improved a lot. I have a bad back and cannot do regular sit-ups to strengthen my stomach muscles in order to help my back. That is why I bought The Flex Belt® and it does work!

Stanley M

The Flex Belt is a great product. The fact that you can use it where ever you are is a true advantage. I have used the Flex Belt as I was guided to in the manual. The real plus is how it works those love handles.

Gayla W

I have used the Flex Belt for approximately 4 months now and do see a tighter, more fit mid-section since using the belt. I want to continue my workout regime using the Flex Belt.

Bob S

I use The Flex Belt® while doing a stationary bike and it works my abs as I work my legs. It does a good job and I feel the difference.

Rob T

I am using the Flex Belt and it actually works. I'm very pleased with the results and along with dieting, it's helping me big time.

The Flex Belt

Strengthens, tones and firms your abs.

The Flex Mini

Tones, tightens and lifts your butt and back of the thighs

The Flex Arms

Tones, tightens and firms the biceps and triceps

Flex Belt Gel Pads

Medical grade replacement gel pads for the Flex range.

Our promise to you!

You will see results in a matter of 6-8 weeks. If you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to take advantage of our 60-day money back guarantee. This gives you ample time to see what The Flex Belt will do for you.