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Welcome to our side-by-side comparison for The Flex Belt® vs. Contour Ab Belt.We feel that The Flex Belt® is the most effective, easy-to-use and results oriented Abdominal Toning Systems available...we are proud to compare our medically advanced toning technology against any other Ab Workout product.

The Flex Belt® vs. Contour Ab Belt

The Contour Abs Belt is presented to the marketplace by Contour Technology, LLC based in Minneapolis, Minnesota., and appears to have been around for several years. The company states that the Contour Belt is easy to use, however the user must first read the manual and figure out how exactly to connect 4 wires and take a part the controller - to insert the included 4 AAA batteries. (In the image below you can see how with The Flex Belt there is only a single connection to make. In the past, the Contour Ab Belt has been one of the more popular ab belts on the market.

According to the company, the Contour Belt delivers a series of electrical impulses that cause the muscles in the abdomen to somewhat contract. Keep in mind this contraction process may not be an FDA Cleared one, yet the company claims that when done over time – it may tighten and tone the underlying muscles. The intensity of the contraction is based on the level of electrical impulse and the Contour Abs Belt can be adjusted to levels 0 to 100. Results may vary, depending on the intensity and amount of time users spend with this particular belt. The manufacturer only offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty, only when purchased via their single installment method.

How Does Contour Ab Belt compare to The Flex Belt?

To begin our side-by-side comparison of The Flex Belt and The Contour Abs Belt we would first like to visually illustrate and show some of the physical differences between the two ab belts. It is often this sort of simple visual side-by-side comparison that can help you better distinguish which product is right for you.

The Flex Belt is very sleek and the remote is compact, lightweight and easily stows away making it comfortable to wear anytime / anywhere. The Contour Belt is much bulkier. The remote is very large and you can't wear the belt discretely under clothing - because of the overall size and weight of the protruding remote.

Here are two images showing you the overall size differences in size between the two products remotes. In each image, you will notice the smaller and more ergonomically portable remote is from The Flex Belt.

In our opinion overall the main differences are:

  • The Flex Belt is the premiere Ab Belt on the market. One of the reasons that it has gained this status is due to the fact it is a rechargeable requiring no batteries. The Flex Belt is a conscious green product. As previously mentioned, The Contour Ab Belt requires batteries and is not rechargeable by design.

    The Flex Belt Uses a
    Rechargable Power Controller

    The Contour Belt Uses
    Non-Rechargable Batteries

  • The Flex Belt has a much more comfortable contraction. We find the Contour Belt to be a bit jarring and harsh.
  • The Flex Belt is backed by multiple 3rd party clinical trials and has a lot of scientific evidence to support its effectiveness and safety… it is also the first of its kind to be cleared by the FDA.
  • Although The Contour Belt states they are FDA Cleared – there is no record of it in the FDA Database. When our council contacted the FDA to confirm they were told that Contour was not FDA Cleared and did not hold the 510K FDA Clearance Certification.

Below are two easy to read side-by-side charts continuing on with the differences and similarities between these two Ab Belts.

  The Flex Belt® Contour Ab Belt
How much does it cost? $199.00 plus $12.95 S&H $199.80 plus the $14.95 trial. Ad $30 S&H to orders outside continental US (AK, HI, PR, VI and GU)
Are there any 3rd party clinical trials to back up the claims? YES. Multiple Clinical Trials. In a 6-week clinical trial: 100% of the participants reported that their abs felt more toned and firmed & 92.3% felt the firmness of their ab muscles increased. No. There are no published 3rd Party Clinical Studies that we could find about the Contour Ab Belt.
Is it FDA cleared? YES. The makers of The Flex Belt are the first and original to gain FDA Clearance for this type of product. In the FDA database, we could not find any information about an FDA clearance for Contour Abs
Do you need exercise while using it? NO NO
When can you use it? While at home, at work, watching TV, surfing the net, exercising, folding laundry, cooking, talking on the phone, helping the kids with their homework, taking a walk... virtually anywhere and anytime. While at home, at work, watching TV, surfing the net, exercising, folding laundry, cooking, talking on the phone, helping the kids with their homework, taking a walk... virtually anywhere and anytime.
Can you tone other parts of the body?

YES, you can add additional toning units that are specifically designed and fitted to be worn on other parts of the body. These additional units are individually FDA Cleared to toning, strengthening, and firming these specific body parts. Click here to learn more about the Flex Range of products.

The Contour Abs Belt comes with instructions on how you can place the unit on other body parts.
Is it portable? How big is it? YES, comes with free travel pouch and weighs less than one pound YES it is portable although the remote is very large.
Is it discreet? YES, the belt is very fitted to the stomach and not bulky in any way. The remote is very small and tucks away in a small pouch on the side of the belt. You can wear it discretely under clothing and while doing virtually anything. NO, the remote is very large and bulky about the size of a large TV remote. With the remote it cannot be worn discretely under clothing.
Does it require hard work or motivation? NO, you do not need to exercise during a Flex Belt toning session NO
Does it require batteries? No. It comes with a rechargeable power supply unit. YES, 4 AAA Batteries
What is the "Satisfaction Guarantee" period? For a full 60-Days any order can be returned for a full refund. 30 Days
What is the "Product Warranty" period? Two Years 2 years when purchased via their single installment plan.
Do they ship internationally? YES No.
Do they have toll free ordering and customer service? YES: (800) 222-7154 YES
Is there bonus material with your order? YES! Your Flex Belt Order Comes with a Free One Year Subscription to either Fitness, Elle or Maxim Magazine (retail value is $50) and 30 Days Access to Our Patent Pending Online Meal Planning Technology (retail value is $50). These generous gifts are special limited time offers presented by our sponsors. A combined value of $100 in bonus materials! Included diet, calorie and exercise guide. Value unknown. .
What is the delivery time for domestic orders? Approximately 1 week 7 to 10 days

Thank you for reading our full Flex Belt vs. Contour Belt comparison. Now we would like to introduce Dr. John Porcari. He is considered by many people in the fitness industry the predominant expert in studying Abdominal Exercise and Workout Equipment. He has conducted more than 20 different comprehensive clinical studies in this category. He is also an authority on Electronic Muscle Stimulation devices and their effectiveness. Over the years he has studied just about every EMS Ab Belt that has come and gone. Dr. Porcari has personally conducted 2 in depth clinical trials on The Flex Belt. We caught up with him at his office in the University of La Crosse, Wisconsin….lets see what he has to say about The Flex Belt and why he believes it is the best Ab Belt on the market.

We feel the strengths of both The Flex Belt & the Contour Belt are evident. Our mission is to help our customers achieve the attractive figure they want and we hope that The Flex Belt and/or the Contour Ab Belt helps you tone, tighten and strengthen your body.  This information was provided to help you make an informed decision.  Good Luck with whatever product or program you choose.

--The Flex Belt Nutrition Team