The One with The Flex Belt Reviews


You know what The Flex Belt is and how it strengthens, tones and firms muscles but now you get to hear it from The Flex Belt community who knows that “It really works!”. We want to give you a sneak peek into how easy The Flex Belt is to use, what levels our Flex Belt users love the most and what everyone wants to know – what results can be achieved.

“It’s FDA (and me!) approved”

The Flex Belt is FDA cleared for toning, firming, and strengthening the stomach muscles, so you know The Flex Belt is safe and effective.


“I saw belts that state will help lose weight or tone the stomach area but walked away because they were not FDA approved. So one day I Google FDA cleared belts and saw The Flex Belt. I tell you what, I LOVE it!!!!! I had a C-Section back in 2012 and gained weight, I tried to exercise but I was not toning up at all in my stomach.

Fast forward, I got the Flex Belt and I love it!!!!! Now I am telling everyone that I know about the Flex Belt”


“I am thrilled with my purchase of The Flex Belt, I had tried a similar product over 10 years ago, but got nervous as there was quite a bit of negative feedback due to the fact that it was not cleared by the FDA. Highly recommend!”


“It’s proven tech via medical field. FDA cleared. I’ve been using for a month and see toning results!”

“Amazing results! EXCEEDED expectations”

Whether you want to supercharge your workouts or hate doing ab workouts, there’s one thing The Flex Belt users can agree on – when you use The Flex Belt consistently, the results speak for themselves.



“I've been using the flex belt for a little over a month. I can honestly say you can feel it works from the first couple of uses, I feel more toned than before. Specially if you do some abs (not a lot) and use it afterwards you can feel the soreness all day long. I'm even thinking in getting the one for the arms and I am very sceptical about these kind of products.... Recommend it to everybody with a busy life (you can use it anytime comfortably).”


“I have been using the Flex Belt and Flex Mini for approximately 4-5 weeks now. While wearing the Flex Belt, I immediately noticed significant muscle contractions and extremely rapid initial results. The initial results primarily consisted of a true feeling of a very intensive workout, feeling the muscle soreness that one would feel a day after vigorous exercise. Over a week or two, I actually noticed when I put on an old pair of jeans for the first time, that I almost felt like Kim Kardashian for a minute. MY abdominal region was significantly flatter and I could feel improve posture overall and just a generalized increase in core stability.”

“It’s super easy to use”

What makes working your abs so easy with The Flex Belt is how easy it is to use so you can tone whenever and wherever you want!


“I love that The Flex Belt is rechargeable versus dependent on expensive battery replacements and have already seen results after just 2 weeks. Very happy with this product and highly recommend.”


“I have found the flex belt so easy to use. I've been using it every day since I got it. I love it. It helps me get my workout in even when I'm still doing chores around the house. I also bought the leg and butt one I liked the ab one so much. I definitely notice a difference in toning already.”


“I love my flex belt. It’s super easy to use and really helps out when I don’t have time in my workout to do abs, I just come home and get a nice toning session.”

“The Gel Pads are extremely durable”

Our medical grade Gel Pads help to conduct the impulses to your muscles safely and effectively and ensures the comfort of your training session!


“I had access to replacement pads that were sold buy a different merchant which were significantly inferior, not sticking to the Belt the way that they were supposed to and not delivering an even pulse of electricity and uniform contraction over the surface of the pad. In contrast, I found the original brand name pads to be extremely durable and to last longer and through more exercise cycles than anticipated.”


“I definitely give the Flex Belt five stars. For the Gel Pads, if you clean the oil off your skin prior to use, the pads will retain their stickiness far longer. I've been using mine daily for a month now and the pads feel almost new. A fine mist of water on the pads also helps with conductivity as they age. Overall, highly recommend!”

Now you know it works, what are you waiting for?? Get The Flex Belt today for stronger, more toned abs in weeks!