The Flex Belt Ultimate Gifting Guide

Are you looking for the gift that keeps on giving? For you, we have the most unique, high-tech, and fun gift of the season; look no further than the Trinity of Toning! Let us tell you about it. It’s the ultimate toning combination and life hack for you, a friend, family member or partner to optimize your routine with. Check out our FDA-cleared range.

The Flex Mini

Always thinking about building a better booty? With The Flex Mini, you can do just that. Our fan-favorite device uses EMS technology to stimulate the nerves of the glutes and the thighs so you get an all-inclusive butt workout. Not only does it challenge your muscles to get stronger, you can see a visible difference in just 6 weeks! Don’t believe us? Just check out the thousands of reviews of our die-hard fans who have gotten a peachier behind just from using their Flex Mini as part of their everyday routine. A top tier gift? We think so.

The Flex Arms

Looking for a new way to pump up your biceps and triceps? That’s what The Flex Arms is for! Our users make the most of their routine by taking a load off in the evening after work or studying by strapping on their Flex Arms and fitting in an entire 30-minute arm workout while watching TV! We’re all about multi-tasking and The Flex Arms is a great way to relax and maximize your routine. Know someone who would be totally into this? Then this is the gift for them!

Ultimate Gifting Guide - The Flex Arms

The Flex Belt

Our most classic and well-known device, The Flex Belt is synonymous with stronger, more defined abs. Struggling to find time to hit the gym or get that sixpack ab definition? The Flex Belt will be your best friend in 2022. The 3 electrodes are placed so that it literally engages all 4 abdominal muscles, training and tightening your core. This includes your:

  • Rectus abdominis: centre to your core, and makes up the sixpack muscles
  • Internal obliques: tightens your waist and targets the love handles
  • External obliques: builds your core for greater flexibility
  • Transversus abdominis: vital muscles for core health and strength

Save with Our Bundles

Can’t decide? We hear you! That’s why you can also get these devices as part of a bundle deal. Save money and train multiple muscles throughout the week. They all come with a set of our medical-grade Gel Pads to ensure nothing but comfort during your toning session. You can choose from:

  1. The Flex Total Bundle
  2. The Flex Belt & Arms Bundle
  3. The Flex Belt & Mini Bundle

Ultimate Gifting Guide - The Flex Range

There’s something for everyone and our Super Flexers love the tightening and pulsing sensation as their muscles contract because they know they can feel and see the difference after just a few short weeks. Whether for you or another, there’s no denying that The Flex Belt is a super flexible and fun present to supercharge your routine with.

Festive Flex Belt

Why not treat yourself this holiday season? Your 2022 self will thank you… Find out more about the range on our website here!