2022 is here and we want to help you smash your New Year’s resolutions. Aiming to achieve your big ambitions? Trying to sleep better? We have effective tips that your future self will thank you for. Whether you’ve started your resolutions list or aren’t sure where to start, let’s dive right in on how to optimize your lifestyle. The first step? A positive mindset!

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.”

Michael Jordan

Break Big Ambitions into Bite-Size Goals

Have you ever heard of micro-habits? Micro habits is a 2022 trend that make up the too-small-to-fail steps you incorporate into your routine that breaks change down into small, simple actions. They make the task at hand feel less overwhelming. Whether it’s trying to achieve your toning and strengthening goals, eat healthier, or just be more productive, building micro habits into your routine results in a powerful, positive domino effect that allows you to kickstart achievable change. Once it becomes part of your routine, you will be doing it without even thinking about it. For example, while getting ready for work in the morning or playing with the kids in the evening, use your Flex Belt to fit in a toning session to maximize your time. Do this every day so it becomes a low-effort habit you barely have to think about!

The “Get Up Earlier” Resolution

Your “Get up earlier” resolution should start the day before. Why? We know sleep is essential so you feel refreshed and alert when you wake up, but it’s also to keep your immune system strong to fight off disease by replenishing and conserving energy. That’s why overhauling your bedtime routine is key to a sounder sleep:

  1. Stick to a regular bed/wake time schedule.
  2. Move more
  3. Overhaul caffeine and alcohol consumption
  4. Make this the year that you turn off all screens an hour before bed!
  5. Consider replacing your old mattress
  6. Feng Shui your bedroom to be a more calming place
  7. Stop pressing snooze

The “Stretch More” Resolution

We know exercise is important, but what about stretching? If stretching takes a back seat in your routine, you should consider the benefits. Stretching is an easy way to improve posture and reduce back pain as well as improving your joint range of motion and your athletic performance while decreasing your risk of injury. It also feels great! Stretching gets your blood pumping and is a great first step to incorporate into your day. When you’ve finished stretching, add your Flex Belt to activate your muscles and kickstart your day the strong way.

 The “Drink More Water” Resolution

When life gives you lemons… Make lemon water! The benefits are endless as lemons contain vitamins and phytonutrients, which protect your body against disease. These phytonutrients have powerful antioxidant properties. Juice half a lemon into your water to add a daily dose of Vitamin C into your day while hydrating yourself inside and out! Why not swap out your morning glass of juice or cup of coffee for lemon water? It’s a weight-loss friendly way of boosting your immune system.

The “Exercise More” Resolution

In the words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” What are your fitness goals for the year? Write them down and strive for success! Not only does exercise keep blood, glucose, and oxygen levels high, feeding the brain, it releases endorphins into the body giving your mood a boost. The more you do, the more energized you will feel so in 2022, aim to build a routine full of active micro-habits. Where you can, walk, take the stairs, do the extra reps, don’t skip a toning session. Thinking of watching an episode on Netflix? Fit in a 30-minute walk with Flex Belt and play your favorite Spotify playlist instead!

Approach 2022 as 12 months to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself. Make it as easy as you can for yourself by setting your target and working backwards on how to achieve them. Start toning with The Flex Belt today and see the firming, toning and strengthening results you can achieve in just 6-8 weeks. Your positive habits will compound into tangible results. Soon you will ask yourself why you hadn’t started sooner! Like we always say: Exercise, Eat Right & Use The Flex Belt.

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