Phoebe’s Secret to Rock Hard Abs

If you haven’t heard Phoebe Davis raving about The Flex Belt yet, then you need to check out her secret to achieving rock hard abs. As someone who suffers from back problems, Phoebe wanted to try The Flex Belt to tighten and strengthen her core to support heavy lifting and training for her upcoming fitness competition!

“It’s such a cool tool to keep your abs engaged!”

“It’s called The Flex Belt. This bad boy uses electrical current to contract your abs and strengthen your core. Rather than a replacement product, you use it in addition to your workout. I use it up to 30 minutes a day, around 3-5 time a week and I’m so excited! Especially with my back injury, this is just an extra way to strengthen my core while rehabbing.

It’s such a cool tool to use to keep your abs engaged, it’s a really great way to double up on your ab workout. You can even use it while you go for a walk or while you’re working! It’s FDA cleared and uses medical grade technology to give you 150 ab contractions in 30 minutes to supplement my current workouts. Check out Phoebe’s review over on Instagram.

“This has become a new staple for me”

It’s almost like a TENS kit and it actually feels really good. It’s so wild, I love it! I will never promote a product I don’t believe in or actually use, and this has become a new staple for me. Highly, highly, highly recommend for anyone looking to amp up their workouts for a strong AF core!

For real, if you have any questions, please DM me. Let me know if you end up ordering it because that would be freaking awesome. Trust me when I say The Flex Belt is a great addition. Let’s get a 6-pack baby!”


You heard her! Buy The Flex Belt now and you can use FLEXINGPHOEBS at the checkout to get 25% off.