Life Hacks to Achieve Your Ideal Beach Body

Life Hacks to Achieve Your Ideal Beach Body

We agree: Every body is a beach body. We want to give you the life hacks you need to hit the beach this year without a care in the world. Whether you’re living in the beachside Golden State or planning a vacation in the sun, the trick is to look and feel good from the inside out. And man do we have the guide to help you achieve your ideal beach body.

High Protein Meals

“Protein, protein, protein!” Oftentimes the word protein and fitness can be associated with those looking to build serious muscles mass. However, we know that your body needs dietary protein to maintain muscle mass which is important for a variety of reasons, such as for joint and muscle health. High-protein diets are also widely recognized to control food intake. The benefit? You feel fuller for longer compared to eating a high carb or fat food. We always recommend working in a balanced diet of fruit and veg to really optimize your nutrient intake. Check out our blog “6 Easy Nutrition Tips to Hack Your Health”.

Life Hacks to Achieve Your Ideal Beach Body - High Protein

Healthy Snacks

Rather than ‘dieting’, we are all about making tasty, healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day. How do Sriracha Deviled Eggs or Moroccan Style Hummus and carrot sticks sound? The benefit of healthy snacks is that when you start craving a sugar hit, you can pre-prep your snacks for the day and let them provide you with a boost of energy between meals. This helps to stave off any hunger pangs that have you reaching for the chips and helps prevent overeating at your next meal. However, you want to make sure you’re not skipping meals and missing key nutrients either! Let healthy snacks be your option to elevate your blood sugar levels when they drop during the day, helping to replenishing you from the inside.

Life Hacks to Achieve Your Ideal Beach Body - Healthy Snacks

Use The Flex Belt for 30 Minutes a Day

No matter whether you’re just looking to add some power to your muscles, you’re in a weight loss journey or just want to do something to add to your everyday, FDA cleared, The Flex Belt is a low effort high impact habit. The Flex Belt doesn’t burn calories but uses EMS medical grade technology to target the muscle groups, helping to strengthen and define specific areas such as your 4 core muscles, your biceps and triceps, or your glutes. The Total Flex Bundle or Flex Belt & Arms Bundle are a great starting point to getting you on track to achieving your ideal beach body.  In a study by Dr. John Porcari, Professor of Exercise & Sports Medicine at the University of Wisconsin, 100% of users said their abs felt more toned and firm. 

Life Hacks to Achieve Your Ideal Beach Body - Flex!

Reduce Soft Drinks & Alcohol in Your Diet

If a food or drink doesn’t contain nutrients or if the calories from sugar and fats outweigh the nutrients found, it’s considered to be a source of empty calories. This is the same of soft drinks and alcohol which are both is proven to play a role in weight management. Not only are alcoholic drinks considered empty calories, but alcohol triggers the part of the brain (hypothalamus) that makes us feel hungry.

You’re Not Hungry, You’re Thirsty

In lieu of snacks, soft drinks and energy drinks to kick the cravings to the kerb, have you tried a glass of water? When you don’t get your recommended amount of fluid intake a day (on average 4-6 pints per day depending on height, size and activity levels), your body receives mixed signals on hunger where the feeling of dehydration makes you feel as though eating is the solution when you really just need a tall glass of water. Find it difficult? Make it infused! Throw in a lemon segment of few berries to add some zest.

Life Hacks to Achieve Your Ideal Beach Body - Thirsty not Hungry

Sleep 7—8 Hours a Night

So what does sleep have to do with hitting your fitness targets? It’s all down to that stress hormone called cortisol. Not meeting a minimum amount of sleep means you aren’t giving your body a chance to rest and recover to set yourself up for the next day. As a result, your cortisol becomes elevated, you feel more stressed, and this in turn impacts your metabolism of fat and carbs. Elevated cortisol levels is also linked to increasing cravings for empty carbs to satisfy a quick fix. Do yourself a favor and get a good sleep.

Life Hacks to Achieve Your Ideal Beach Body - More Sleep 

The key is simple: a healthy and active lifestyle, which is as exciting as you make it. Cook fun, new healthy meals, exercise by walking with friends, wear your Flex Belt while chilling out in the evenings... You can even make a glass of water a bit more exciting with a burst of fruit flavor! It’s up to you to maximize your everyday so you can look and feel great.

To learn more about how The Flex Belt can help you achieved a tighter, stronger and more defined core, check out the website here.