Do you find it difficult to know where to start to improve your day-to-day diet? There’s a lot of information out there and so we put together our top nutrition tips that are proven to help improve your overall health. All are simple hacks such as…

A Squeeze of Lemon

Other than to appear like a pro chef when cooking for friends and family, adding a nice squeeze of lemon to a dish is an easy way to meet your daily measure of Vitamin C and other important nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and antioxidants. Adding lemon to your diet enhances the flavors of many meals, sweet or savory, and will help keep digestion issues away. This is because the acid in lemon juice helps to break down food more efficiently, aiding in nutrient extraction and boosts a healthier gut! Vitamin C is also associated with amazing skin benefits, whereby the antioxidant can reduce oil on the skin and inflammation due to its high pH levels. Glass of lemon water anyone?



Avoid Coffee & Green Tea at Night or With Meals

While both offer distinct benefits, your favorite hot drinks contain caffeine which can inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Important nutrients, like iron, may be flushed out as a result. Studies have shown that the best time to drink coffee and green tea is mid to late morning when your cortisol (stress hormone) level is lower. This gives you a chance to replenish your vitamin stores throughout the day so your body can optimize the absorption and gain the benefit from eating your fruits and veggies.


Choose Whole Grains

It’s a fact that grains are naturally high in fiber. Why does that matter? It helps you feel fuller for longer, meaning you now have the solution to reduce the craving for snacks! In feeling more satisfied from a meal of whole grains, you can improve your weight management. Whole grains boast a wide arrange of benefits such as reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. Lilian Cheung, lecturer of the Harvard School of Public Health, makes it an easy choice when she says that by choosing whole grains, "You’re getting fiber, a healthy plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and a variety of phytochemicals that will improve your health".


Go for Frozen Veg

Despite the perception, frozen veg are a great choice for convenience and health! Frozen vegetables are usually frozen at their freshest point, meaning that they retain most of their nutritional value. Many people feel like frozen veg is a cheat sheet or that it’s a less healthy and lazier option when it comes to fitting in your daily dose of nutrients, but they can be as nutritious and a super convenient addition to a balanced diet.


Add Good Fats to Your Diet

You read that right, adding fats to your diet is a great idea! Well, good fats at least. They are essential to your diet as they help you absorb vitamins. In a similar way to whole grains, good fats make you feel full, reducing the portion size you need to beat the hunger while speeding up your metabolism. This also helps to regulate your blood sugar in the long run.  


Chop or Crush Garlic Before Cooking

While it may not improve your breath, garlic is natures solution to boosting your health in a small but effective way! We love garlic on everything because it tastes so good, but what you need to know is how it adds to your nutritional store. Containing a component called Allicin, garlic reduces the cholesterol levels, is an antioxidant and has anti-cancer and antifungal properties. Another associated benefit is how it may reduce the risk of heart disease in being an anticoagulant (reduces likeliness of cells to clump together to cause a blockage).


This is not a miracle list, but simple science coming at you with a fool-proof way to add nutrients to your everyday meal prep and hack your health. As with most things in life, everything should be eaten in moderation and it’s important that these simple tips are used as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Add in The Flex Belt, and you’ll see the compounding benefits through a firmer, more toned core and overall, look and feel better from the inside out.