It’s a new year and a new opportunity for you to enhance your routine! After a tumultuous 2021, you may have found it more difficult to stick to a solid fitness plan than usual. This year is all about taking those learnings from last year to supercharge your way of working out. Check it out.

2021 Reflection

Virtual and outdoor workout plans exploded in 2020 and 2021. Huge changes within the fitness industry were a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerated a massive shift to digital fitness. This led the world to pivot and rethink the best way of hitting fitness goals. It’s clear that convenience-based wellness and fitness services are in demand as they provide a whole new level of accessibility and convenience.

Hybrid Gym Memberships

Similarly to employees wanting to have the flexibility of working from home, gym-goers now want the option to hit the gym or sweat it out at home to an online fitness class. You can maximise the number of workout sessions you smash a week by finding the right Gym for you, to enjoy the socialisation and motivation of an in-class session or by never missing another by tuning into a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout from the comfort of your own home. Hybrid gym memberships are all about providing a convenient service that consumers not only demand but expect. Picture a Monday spin class in the gym. By Wednesday, you’ve hit the mid-week hump and decide to do an online yoga class from home complemented by a warm down with your Flex Belt. You can’t get more productive than that!

Wearable Technology

Do you have The Flex Belt ? What about a Fitbit or Apple Watch? Maybe you use Strava to track your running route? Wearable tech has been an undeniable trend that refuses to slow down. Make smarter toning choices with The Flex Belt to track what level of intensity you can increase to and make your abs work hard to strengthen, tone and firm to achieve the ultimate 6 pack abs you’ve always wanted. Wearable tech also goes beyond fitness to take a holistic approach to wellness by monitoring sleep, stress and heart rate to help you hack you health with the touch of a button!


 Low-Impact Exercise

Everyone knows that HIIT is often used as a quick, targeted workout to fit in your cardio and strength training when you’re tight on time. However, low-impact exercise is king in 2022. Low-impact exercise can elevate the heart rate while being kind to your spine, joints and improve overall muscle strength and flexibility. Exercises such as fast-paced walking, elliptical trainers, stationary bicycling (Soul Cycle anyone?) and swimming or water aerobics are all effective ways to improve your circulation and give your heart health a boost in a safe way.


Fun Group Fitness Classes

After 2 years of moving in and out of country-wide lockdowns, people are seeking a way to combine both socialisation and exercise. While yoga and Pilates are well-known popular group workout activities, roller skating, indoor trampoline classes, dancing, and even weighted hula hoop exercises (thanks TikTok!) are making a bang! If you find yourself looking to try something new, why not check out any fun group exercise classes or groups both locally or downtown.

Food as Medicine

The concept of ‘food is medicine’ is well known but a recent trend is the desire to build immunity, improve digestion and manage stress through what we consume on the back of the pandemic. It’s a general idea that diet and nutrition promote overall health and wellness in a natural way. So where do you start? Consider removing processed foods and introducing natural foods rather than supplements to treat and prevent chronic illnesses such as high cholesterol.


This is your year to achieve the best version of yourself. Anything is possible, from optimising your mental wellness to achieving your fitness targets. One thing is certain, that one can’t be achieved without the other so be kind to yourself. Complement these trends with one of the products from our Flex Belt toning range to make 2022 the year of you!